This subject has been going on for hundreds of years.  Many times individuals have been told that they were crazy and in the past have even been executed for talking about aliens.

This is why folks just do not talk about the subject.  But, it is changing, slowly but it is changing.

Are they good or are they bad?  This depends on how you talk to. Have I had Alien experiences, yes I have.  When I was 12 and living in Omaha NB. I believe eI was abducted and a implant was put up my nose.  I had woke up that morning with blood on my pillow which was very unusal for me.  

Later on in life I was going to have a procedure to work on the inside of my nose and my entire body locked up and it freaked the Dr. out and he refused to do the procedure.  When he told me that he was not going to do the procedure my body unlocked itself.

When I was 50 and after my first time with my heart not wanting to work right my wife and I went to Sedona AZ and had a great time.  But while there I woke up one night and there was a grey alien beside my bed and I asked him why he was there and I do not remember anything after that. Woke up the next morning but I still remember the alien being there but nothing else about it. 

This is what I would call neither a negative or positive experiences.

Others have very negative experiences about what happens and it can and has destroyed their lives. Others have had great experiences and it has enriched their lives.

I want each of you to know I have hear to help you to improve your lives and the way you think and see yourselfes.

I do this with working with the aliens and scanning your body to help turn off any implants within your body.  Also to get the aliens to stop coming to you.

The following is what I can do to help:

1. A report of what is going on.

2. Scanning your body to turn off the implants.

3.Tuning into the aliens to tell them to leave you alone.

4. Hypnosis can help weather it be by  me or someone else.  

5. Join a group so that you can discuss what is going on.

6. Seek out professional help, such as a psychiatrist and or medical Dr..